In this episode, Jared and Todd talked about some news, some upcoming releases, a few slightly older games were are still enjoying (Capitals and Card & Castles) and Jared spoke about 2 new games:

Fallout Shelter (Free, iOS, Bethesda) – Jared gave a dissertation on this game. Suffice it to say that he truly loves this game and he encourages everyone to check it out – now! He finds it to be an excellent example of Free to Play done right…although what will it mean for the future of Bethesda??? Todd just started the game but can already tell how polished it is.

Xenowerk ($1.99, iOS, Pixelbite) – Jared enjoys this twin stick shooter with both its touch controls and with his MFi controller…with a slight edge to the controller. He finds is a worthwhile purchase and recommends it although he does see some room for improvement within the game and with its controls.


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