In this episode:

We talked iTunes reviews and how many interesting games came out this week.

We talked news including the Apple/iTunes Confederate Flag issue and Touch Arcade’s Patreon campaign.

We talked games…and here they are:

Piloteer ($2.99, iOS, Fixpoint Productions – Whitaker Trebella) – Todd is really digging this very challenging ragdoll physics, jetpack “sim” meets Rocketeer game. The dev is very active and the game looks and plays a treat. 4 1/2 stars.

Door Kickers ($4.99 Killhouse Games SRL) – Jared has been digging this strategy game a lot this week. It has a ton of content so he is not ready for a full review, but all signs point to “Buy this game”.

Her Story ($4.99, iOS, Sam Barlow) – Todd has been “playing” this game. It is part interactive video novel, part text adventure, and all fun. You unravel a mystery by watching video clips and piecing them together. It is different, for a FMV game, and it is not so much a game as a well thought-out and acted piece of interactive fiction. 4 stars.

Heroes and Castles 2 ($1.99, Foursaken Media) – Jared spoke on this one and he is really enjoying it so far. He thinks it is worth the price of admission but they also have a free version that you can try if you are on the fence. Todd owns it too but has not really played it yet.

Sonic Runners (Free, iOS & Android, Sega) – Todd played this and he just could not recommend it. There are the makings of a fun, side-scrolling endless runner here, but they are overwhelmed by ham-fisted freemium models, pointless cutscenes, and ads. Try it if you love Sonic, but be warned…

Todd’s suggestion to Sega…get rid of the junk, flip it to a more Crossyroad method of payment, and you might have yourself a winner.

Fairystone ($2.99, iOS, Odenis Studio) – Todd just started this. It is a happy and vibrant block builder in the vein of Minecraft. No fights. No campaign. No dying. Just a fun little builder that you, and maybe your kids, will enjoy tinkering with.

And here are the games we are still playing and still talking about:

Capitals – we both ponied up and paid for Unlimited Lives during that 1/2 off sale. We both have 6+ games running at any given moment. Bring it!

Cards and Castles – Jared has taken a huge lead on this game while Todd trails behind…too timid to battle it out with others. Overall, this is an awesome game and we are hopeful we will be talking to the devs on the show in the near future.

Fallout Shelter – Jared was doing so well at this that he broke the game and actually had to restart from scratch. Well…that is half true. The game crashed and he had to restart. He is still loving it. Todd has not found the time to play…and probably won’t. His loss.


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