In this episode:

The Executive ($2.99, iOS, Riverman Media) – Todd grabbed this one and, while he has not had a lot of time in the game yet, he can already tell that its quirky sense of style and amalgamation of game play elements – from platforming to brawling to company building – work well. He recommends it already but he will try to come back next week with a full review.

Democracy 3 ($4.99, iOS, Positech games) – Jared dug back 1 year for this diamond in the rough. A very interesting and different strategy game that had made Jared think more about being a political leader and the challenges faced therein. He gives it a 4 out of 5; despite some issues with lag in the game. Check it out.

Groove Coaster 2 (Free, iOS & Android, Taito) – the sequel to one of Todd’s favorite mobile rhythm action games, Todd is playing this on Android and enjoying the experience. He has not played enough of it yet to really see how the Freemium model comes into play, but he feels it is worth grabbing nonetheless. Fun music and fun gameplay are in store.

Portal Pinball (Zen Studios, $1.99) – Jared, who admittedly does not really like digital pinball games, grabbed this because he was craving something more in the Portal world. Oh, and Todd sort of talked him into it. Jared likes the game…in short bursts. He does not love it, but it is not really his style to begin with. Todd tends to really enjoy the Zen Pinball games, but has not tried this one yet. This is probably well worth it if you like other Zen Pinball games and the world of Portal.

CivMiner – a CivCrafter Expansion (Free, iOS, Naquatic) – Todd is playing this game but asks the universal question of all clicker games…”Why?”. Truly, there are things to do but none of them really appeal to Todd at the moment; mostly because there are so many other games, with richer experiences and actual gameplay, out there. And there are better clicker games out there too. Try it if you want, but it will probably not stick around long on your device.

Battlelore: Command (Fantasy Flight Games, $9.99) – Jared really enjoys this deep strategy title (which may still be on sale as of this posting) but he did not completely understand it until he watched some “Let’s Play” videos about the board game version. So, that is his pro tip – seek out and watch some of those videos and you will have a much better time grasping this game. Highly recommended.

Todd and Jared are both still playing, and still loving: Capitals (Nimblebit) and Cards and Castles (Bit Mass). Jared is still playing Fallout Shelter (Bethesda)…and all of them are FREE – so grab ’em and get gaming!


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