We talked news and some new games we did not play.

We talked about some games we were still playing this week.

We talked about new games we did play:

Mountain Goat Mountain (Free, iOS, Zynga) – Todd is really enjoying this Crossyroad/Upside down Q-Bert score chase game.

Forest Home (Free, Binary Mill, Android and iOS) – Jared is digging this interesting puzzle game. Even with its free to play energy system, something Jared usually cannot tolerate, he highly recommends this for some fun puzzle game entertainment.

Super Awesome Quest (Free, iOS and Android, Boomzap) – despite being fairly light on strategy, this game somehow works for Todd and he is enjoying it…maybe more than he should. Try it and see for yourself. The free to play elements are fairly non-intrusive.

Tales from Deep Space (Amazon Game Studios, $3.99 regularly $6.99, iOS and Amazon) – Jared is really enjoying this whimsical, interesting game. He recommends grabbing it while it is on sale.

Barcode Knight (Magic Cube, $.99, iOS) – Jared likes, but does not love, this odd little game. He will spend a bit more time with it this week to give a more full fledged opinion to the listeners.

Nono Islands (Illusion Labs, Free, iOS) – Jared advises everyone to not bother with this game. Bad control mechanics coupled with heavy free to play elements drag it down.


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