Here is the rundown of the games we talked about:

Prune, ($3.99, iOS, Joel McDonald) – Todd is really enjoying this moody, uplifting, esoteric, arty puzzle game. Who would have thought growing a tree could be so much fun? This is the full package…graphics, sound, music, and gameplay. Nicely done. Buy it if it looks at all interesting to you.

Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch ($4.99, iOS, Rodeo Games) – We all knew it would happen…Jared purchased this game and he is really loving its turn-based strategy goodness. He will give a full review later, but he already thinks it is worth the money.

Guardian Sword (was Free not it is $2.99, iOS, Picsoft Studio) – Todd likes this Dungeon Raid meets Hero Emblems matching RPG game. It has some depth (and gains more the more you play) and it is fun although the graphic style, lack of an easily accessible map, and grinding can get in the way a bit. Still, it is fun and worth the money. A full review will follow soon.

Long Siege ($1.99, iOS and Android, Anomaly Studios) – another Match 3 type of game, Jared is enjoying this so far but he needs more time with it. He will revisit it in an upcoming show. It does seem promising from what he has played.

Card King: Dragon Wars (Free, iOS, Kung Fu Factory) – Todd has put an hour or 2 into this so far. It is a very interesting take on a card battler with some new ideas and plenty of graphical flair. There is a lot of depth here…maybe too much at times…and the games can go on for too long, but this one is definitely worth a look if you are interested in the genre.

Callys Caves 3 (Free, iOS, Jordan Pearson) – a nice little platformer. Jared is enjoying the game a lot but he needs more time with it to render a verdict. Since it is free to play, he recommends people at least give it a shot.

Qbert Rebooted (Free, iOS, Sideline Amusements) – Todd grabbed this to go along with the Down the Mountain and Mountain Goat Mountain games of the past 2 weeks. 3 weeks, 3 Qbert-esque games. Weird. This game is the weakest of the bunch. There is just not a ton here to keep it interesting and there is a fair bit of grinding (and pop up ads). Nevertheless, if you are craving some old school gaming, give this one a shot…play for a few minutes and call it a day. Video gaming memories can be special…recreating them today – not so much.

And that does it.

See you all on the flip side.



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