We talked a lot of news/upcoming games

We gave some updates on games we talked about in the past few weeks.

We talked about some new games too:

Battle Orbs (Free, iOS, Armor Games) – Jared and Todd are both digging this Free to Play Match 3 RPG game. Neither of them are far into it, but it seems pretty cool based on what they have played.

Angry Birds 2 (FREE, iOS, Rovio) – Jared likes this new entry into the Angry Birds family; although it does not bring very many new hooks into the genre. It looks a treat but there are some pretty heavy Free to Play elements in the game. That’s probably ok, though, because this game is sort of meant to be played in short bursts.

World of Warriors: Quest (Free, iOS & Android, Mind Candy Games) – Todd likes this odd little turn based strategy game. It offers some twists to the genre and it really streamlines and speeds up the genre. Controls could be cleaner, but that may come with an update. One odd thing…there is no sign of any free to play elements at all (as of yet.). Certainly worth trying if you like the genre.

Cosmonautica ($6.99, iOS/Android, Chasing Carrots) – even though this is technically still in Beta, Jared sees a truly wonderful game building here. It is part space trading game and part “The Sims”, all wrapped up in a very impressive looking package. He will keep playing and give us all a full review soon, but this one might be worth diving into even before that day comes.

Impulse GP ($2.99, iOS, EcoTorque) – Todd is enjoying this futuristic moto bike racer…but not as much as he had hoped. It looks great, handles well, and has some interesting game elements…but somehow those great parts do not add up to a great game. He will keep playing it, though, to see how it all pans out.

Magic Duels (Free, iOS, Wizards of the Coast) – Jared likes this take on the classic card game, but even a fancy new digital app cannot speed up the gameplay…and that can be a bit of a problem for him. Todd still cannot play it on his older iPad 4. Overall, it is worth a try if you are into CCGs, but Hearthstone, Sol Forge, and its ilk may have surpassed Magic – at least in the mobile gaming world.


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