ToG #209 for the week of August 10, 2015 has arrived.

In it, Jared and Todd start off with a new feature…Game of the Month…in which they pick the favorite game that they have played in the past month. They also pick some Honorable Mentions. With these 6 games alone, you could have a full month or 2 of gaming goodness.

Then it was on to news/upcoming games, etc.

Finally it was time for some new game talk:

Loot and Legends (DropForge Games, Free, iOS) – Jared is really enjoying this game. He needs more time with it and it might need an update or 2, but this is another early contender for game of the year if they keep working on the game. Grab it today!

Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne ($1.99, iOS, Masayuki Ito) – Todd played the first game and really enjoyed it. The sequel ramps things up and adds some new features. Well worth it if you enjoy the bullet hell / schmup genre. Oh, and there’s a free version if you want to try before you buy.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon ($4.99, Tiger Style, iOS) – a long awaited sequel to an early iOS classic, Jared has begun his quest and is enjoying it immensely. He has not played enough for a full review, but if you have fond memories of the first game, you should probably just go ahead and grab this one now.

Doom & Destiny Advanced ($1.99, iOS & Android, Matteo Nicolotti) – Todd liked the first version of this dungeon crawler/rpg/zelda-esque/parody game but was put off by the controls. This updated, improved version does handle better but the controls are still not very intuitive and they really should be optimized for modern touch screen devices. This might be a “Todd thing”, so he will keep playing and report back later.

Xenoshyft Onslaught (CMON, $1.99, iOS) – a nice like take on the strategy board/card game. Jared likes it but the physical game relies on a fairly important co-player mechanic…something that computer AI just cannot replicate. He will try multiplayer with some suckers…I mean…friends and report back soon.

And that is all for now.


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