This is (yet another) very Special Episode of ToG in which we have a very special guest on for the entire show…

Matt Siegel of Bit Mass, LLC
Creator of Cards and Castles (version 2.0 release this week)

First, the 3 of us talk games

Monsters Ate My Metropolis (Free, iOS and Android, Adult Swim Games) – Jared digs the game but does not like it as much as Monsters Ate My Condo. It is a much different sort of but but he feels there might not be enough depth to it. He goes encourage folks to take a quick look for themselves.

Splatoon. Yes, taking a cue from Nintendo Pulse, we talk a bit about Splatoon and Todd decides he needs to finally take the inky plunge and buy this game.

Jared (again):
Tactile Wars (Free, iOS and Android, Ankama Games) – Jared really digs this touch-centric strategy game. Recommended!

focused on Cards and Castles and played nothing else new this week.

We then go into a fairly deep delve with Matt regarding all things Cards and Castles. Version 2.0 of the game released this week and it was a really huge change to the overall game. We ask hard hitting questions like “Why are the towers gone?” and “Why did you nerf my Barbarian?”…and he has some great answers. Honestly.

We wrap things up with a few news items.

Thanks and enjoy.


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