This episode is focused on a ton of news that came out this week in the mobile gaming world.

We also played a few new games:

Todd played
Pac-Man 256 (Free, iOS & Android, Bandai Namco – Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets). He loves the game so far and thinks it is a really well done, retro inspired endless runner. Great controls, visuals, audio, and game play all come together for brilliant gaming goodness. Everyone should grab this to try it. Fans of Pac-man will dig it but non-fans should also appreciate it. And its monetization scheme is very fair and non-intrusive.

Jared played
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 ($4.99, Frontier Developments Ltd., iOS). This port of the PC classic stands the test of time (mostly) and offers some really fun sim/management gaming to the iOS world. Jared wants to spend more time with it before offering a full review, but he really enjoys what he is playing so far. If you liked it before, you will like it now.

Todd played:
Horizon Chase ($2.99, iOS, Aquiris Games). Wow, what a great modern take on the classic arcade racer (think Outrun) genre. Great visuals, wonderful music and audio, and a plethora of challenging tracks keep Todd coming back for more of this game. He recommends it for fans of the genre but he will play it more in the coming week to the offer a full review for those who might be on the fence.

Jared gave an update on:
Loot and Legends (Free, iOS, DropForge). – Jared has been playing this a lot and he is really digging it. The artstyle, fun story, and gameplay all make for a highly entertaining RPG. He recommends it highly.

Thanks and enjoy.


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