In this episode, we talk about a lot of gaming news including EA removing apps and Apple’s Keynote and how it might affect touch screen gaming.

We talk about a few new games as well:

Jared and Todd – Puzzle Craft 2 (Free, iOS and Android, Chillingo) – Jared takes the lead on this one but we are both flat out loving this game. It has some sort of magic that makes us keep playing and playing it. Well worth a shot as it is fun, a bit strategic, and very fair with its free-to-play model. A great follow-up to a classic game. Try it today!

Jared – Mucho Taco (Free, Noodlecake Studios Inc., iOS) – Jared had a bit of fun with this swipe-based take on the “Clicker” genre. However, it does not stand out amongst the pack, so you can probably stay clear of it and opt for some of the better titles in the genre.

Todd – Skilltree Saga ($2.99, iOS, Headup Games) – Todd did not put much time into this RPG, turn-based (sort of) battler. It has some interesting and sort of unique ideas, but it remains to be seen how everything ties together. He will report back on it next week.

Jared – Oraia Rift ($2.99, Ahmed Al Shebli, iOS) – touted as a Zelda type of game, this one is underwhelming Jared a bit at the moment. There are flashes of the fun that makes a game like Oceanhorn (an awesome iOS take on the Zelda game style) shine, but this game is not the complete package and is a bit rough around the edges. Jared will play a bit more to see if things pick up, but right now he cannot fully recommend it.

And that is about all for this week.



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