In this edition of the Touch of Gaming podcast, Jared and Todd round up a lot, lot, lot of news items – from upcoming games, to the state of current games (and the money they earn), to Amazon matching Apple’s releases…we talk a lot about news in the mobile gaming world.

We also talk about a few games we continue to play. Chief among those is Puzzle Craft 2.

Then we go into new games:

Sky (Free, iOS and Android, Ketchapp). Todd is digging this game for what it is…a high score chase game with a few unlockables and a definite sense of style. Worth a try and it will give you some fun gaming for a few minutes to a few hours

Call of Champions (Free, iOS, Spacetime Studios) – Jared is really, really enjoying this MOBA on Mobile done right. They streamline everything they can within the MOBA genre and condense the gameplay down to something that is perfect for mobile. 5 minute matches are the crux of this condensation and they make a huge difference. It is user friendly for new comers to the genre while also offering a lot for more seasoned players. It is very fair with its free to play model. It looks great and controls really well. A winner…so give it a shot.

Braveland Pirate ($2.99, iOS, Tortuga Team) – the 3rd release in the Braveland series of turn based strategy games, this one has the most to offer overall. It is a good looking, nice sounding game that offers some nice tweaks to the gameplay. Ultimately, however, the game lacks depth and it ends up being a bit bland. It is not a bad game by any chance, but it fails to draw in the player with meaningful tactical play. Todd will keep playing it a bit to see if the progression improves that play, but it does not appear so at this point.



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