We talked a lot of news; mostly about a lot of upcoming games…it is getting to that time of year; afterall.

We also talked new games that we are playing.

Todd (Jared is also playing):
Land Sliders (Free, iOS, Prettygreat) – This “endless” runner with Crossy Road esque monetization, is really, really fun. You slide the randomly generated world underneath your character as you try to pick up currency and character-specific tokens. There are various enemies and rewards and the levels are varied and interesting. Tons of characters to unlock and so much charm, combined with excellent gameplay, nice graphics, a sense of humor, and a nice little musical score make this an all-around great game. Try it today.

Order and Chaos 2 (Free, iOS and Android, Gameloft) – Jared is really loving this MMORGP on mobile and he thinks it is “best in class” for touch screen mobile devices. Todd did download it but did not try it yet. Recommended!

Skeletomb (Free, iOS & Android, Punk Labs) – an interesting pixel art endless runner with some twists in visual perspective and game play. It is actually a lot of fun but the “muddy” visual look of some levels can cause pathing issues. Overall this is well worth a look for the different game play style and extremely fair free to play model.

Spirit Hunter (Free, iOS, Boomlagoon) – Jared is liking this action RPG quite a bit. It has that same loot/action combo that made Diablo games so great and this game plays pretty well. He needs more time with it but it is worth a free to play shot.

Astra ($2.99, iOS, Pablo Molina Garcia) – Todd really loves the look and feel and atmosphere of this endless runner, gravity-based platformer. It has tons of replay-ability but it can be somewhat punishing and Todd wishes it had MFI support. Overall, this is one to watch and worth grabbing if you want something different within the genre.

Puzzle and Glory (Free, iOS and Android, Sega) – run, don’t walk, AWAY from this totally generic match 3 game in the vein of Puzzle Quest. It brings nothing new to the table while actively trying to remove the place settings so nicely put forth by its predecessors. Honestly, this one is not worth trying…even at the price of FREE. Blah.

And that is all for now.

Enjoy and see you next week!


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