We talk a bunch of upcoming games and game updates that look promising. We also recap a few games that we are still playing from prior weeks. We then talk new games.

Todd talks very, very, very briefly about:
The Balloons (Free, iOS, Noodlecake) – this pixel art, bottom to top score chase game was not for him. Mostly due to the controls and because he is liking other games in this category more.

Jared talks very, very briefly about:
SirVival ( Free, iOS and Android, Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc.) – Jared dislikes the spelling of this game because it messes with his auto-complete, but he really enjoys this stage-based runner. One really cool thing about it is that it is fully voice acted. Not something you see in this genre. It also offers pre-built stages that are fun to navigate and figure out. One to watch.

Jared then talks about board to digital game:
Camel Up ( $4.99, iOS, Outline Development) – not to be confused with Camel Cup, this digital translation of the award winning board game is somewhat lacking. If offers a terrible (essentially non-existent) tutorial, no online multiplayer, and underwhelming style. Plus, the games play way too quickly. Overall, it is just not something worth purchasing at this point. Stick to the real board game if you are interested.

Todd talks about free to play, score chase SCHMUP:
Shooty Skies (Free, iOS, Mighty Games) – From the folks who brought you Crossy Road, you can see its roots in most aspects of this game. It is a fun game but somehow it did not grab Todd, or Jared, in the way some other recent score chase/Crossy Road alikes have. Part of the issue is graphics that get in the way of each other…making the game harder. Another issue is the SCHMUP genre…it does not feel as fun as it could for this model of game. Both Todd and Jared will probably let this one fall by the wayside soon.

Jared wrapped things up with a discussion of:
Storm Casters Ultra (Free, iOS, Get Some Games) – This is an excellent, free-to-play twin stick shooter/dungeon crawl. Unfortunately, if you grabbed the original, this version offers little new content to encourage you to adopt it. If, however, you never played the original then you should grab this ASAP. Fun gameplay, interesting mechanics, great polish, and a very fair free to play model make this a great game.

Finally we wrapped things up with our games of the month for September 2015

Runner-up: Rebuild 3
Winner: Puzzle Craft 2

Runner-up: Ski Safari 2
Winner: Land Sliders

You owe it to yourself to check all of these fun games out. Heck, 3 of them are free to play so what do you have to lose?

OK, that is that for this week.


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