Todd’s away so Lloyd is back for this week’s show! He’ll be here next week as well since Jared will be absent. Hope you guys and gals missed me! :)

This week we talk a bit about Overcast 2, the appageddon and then jump into our game news:

Lloyd: Skeletomb (FREE, iOS, Punk Labs LLC), Space Miner Wars- (Free, iOS, Venan Entertainment), HoPiKo ($3.99, iOS, Laser Dog), Cavernaut ($1.99, iOS, Jan Schoenepauck (Einheit B))

Jared: Space Miner Wars- (Free, iOS, Venan Entertainment), Spellstone (Kongregate, Free, iOS and Android), Swords & Crossbones (Epic Devs OOD, Android and iOS, $4.99)



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