We have a great show for you this week! Lloyd is pushing the buttons with Todd along for the ride. We had a great discussion on new games that are out, but unplayed by us before digging into our reviews/discussions later in the episode.

Games talked about in this episode:

NHL Supercard (FREE, iOS & Android, 2K)
The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (FREE, iOS & Android, Next Games Oy)
Hyper Swiper (FREE, iOS, Happymagenta)
Soda Dungeon (FREE, iOS, Armor Games Inc.)

Orc King (Free, iOS, Lifebelt Games)
Cloud Chasers ($2.99, iOS, Blindflug)
Love Rocks Starring Shakira (Free, iOS & Android, Rovio)
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (Free, iOS, Sega)


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