We talked a lot about upcoming games and updates.
We talked a bit about some news items.
We then talked about an “old” game…Soda Dungeon – both Todd and Jared are loving this little romp of a game and everyone should give it a go.

Other game talk:

Jared – Blood Bowl: Kerrunch (Cyanide, Android and iOS, Free). Jared tried to enjoy this game but it is too easy and too boring to really recommend. It will not be sticking around on his device.

Todd – Spelldom (Free, iOS, HangZone). A similar story here. Todd wanted to enjoy this game but the free to play mechanics are too strong and the word battling game play is too weak. He will not continue playing this.

Jared – Battlestation: Harbringer (Bugbyte, $3.99, iOS and Android). Jared is loving this turn based strategy meets real time strategy meets rogue like space battle game. He will speak on it more in an later episode (hopefully) but he thinks it is worth a purchase.

Todd – THR:Race (Free, iOS, Thomas Podewils). This game has a visual style that Todd really enjoys…vector graphics a la Omega Race or Asteroids. But the controls are bunk and the game play is unappealing. Unfortunately, this one will not be sticking around.

Jared: X-Mercs- (Free, iOS, Game Insight). A free to play X-Com-a-like. If you dig that sort of turn based strategy goodness, you owe it to yourself to grab this. Great game play and reasonable free to play mechanics make this a must try title.

Todd – Opus: The Day we Found Earth (Free to try, $1.99 up to $5.99 to unlock full game, iOS, Team Signal). Todd really enjoyed this little tale of space exploration via telescope. The gameplay is good, if a bit simplistic and repetitive, but the story that is told and the atmosphere that is created make this a fun little 2 hour experience. Recommended.


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