In this episode we talk about the weather.

We also touch (of gaming) upon a lot of game updates, upcoming games, games we didn’t get to try this week, and some big news stories from within the mobile gaming world.

We wrap it all up with some discussion on the games we did actually play…

Todd: The Room Three ($4.99, iOS, Fireproof Games) – starting off with a bang, the much-anticipated ‘The Room Three’ released this week. It is getting all sorts of critical praise and Todd falls right in line. A great puzzle game that expands on the prior 2 games in (almost) all the right ways. Totally worth your $5 investment if you like moody, exploratory, puzzle games hat look and play great on touch screen. Grab it!

Jared: Mavenfall (Free, iOS, Blue Tea Games US) – Jared was very pleasantly surprised with this Collectible Card Battler. It combines some elements of Hearthstone with some small elements of Castles and Crusaders for a nice, intro-level strategy card game. The free to play seems fair enough and the mechanics are fun overall. Well worth picking up and trying out. Todd echos those sentiments as he tried it out a bit as well.

Todd – Neon Drive (Free, iOS, Fraoula) – This game looks all 80s neon flash and has a fun soundtrack, but it is only a simple lane-based endless runner/high score chase. The controls are decent but Todd found himself getting frustrated with the timing of the lane moves and the repetitiveness of the levels. Coming off of the recent, excellent Horizon Chase, this game suffers in comparison…but that is mostly in Todd’s brain. Try it but don’t expect too much from it and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jared: Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure Game (Free, iOS, R2 Games USA Co., Limited) – This fun Pokemon Snap meets first person (camera) shooter kept Jared entertained while he took photos of woodland creatures in his hunt for the elusive Big Foot. He recommends the game, particularly if you have younger gamers in the house; although the game does get fairly hard in the later levels. Give it a shot…or a photo shoot. Bam.

Todd: Runestone Keeper ($2.99. iOS, Cimu) – Last up with have this dandy little rogue-like RPG in the vein of tile-revealing game Dungelot. There is a lot going on here and it makes for a very strategic and interesting game…one well worth picking up if you are at all into that genre. Highly recommended.

And that does it. In a week that seemingly only had 1 major release, pretty much everything we tried ended up being good to great. We love it when that happens!


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