Here is a short but sweet ToG. #223. For the week of Nov. 16, 2015

We talk upcoming games and news.

We then talk about what we’ve been playing.

Todd- had a brief update on: Mavenfall (Free, iOS, Blue Tea Games US) – He enjoyed the Campaign, as did Jared, but found both the Arena and the Deck building lacking…as did Jared. Worth grabbing for the campaign and then seeing if they improve the rest of the game; because it could be a very good game with the right tweaks/improvements.

Jared: Tiny Rogue ($2.99, iOS, Ravenous Games). Jared appreciated the puzzle elements in this rogue like but found the game a bit too simple and a bit flat. There was not much keeping you going on your quest other than a high score chase. Todd did not really enjoy the puzzle elements that much b/c he has played better this year. Overall, this is not a bad game but there are other, better options out there.

Todd: Rogue Saga ($1.99, iOS, Jinwoo Park). A different rogue like that mixes voxels with dungeon exploring, battles, and loot. Todd actually found this to be a lot more fun than Tiny Rogue, but there are some rough edges that need to be smoothed out. He will keep playing it but thinks it is worth the price of entry.

Jared: Wizards and Wagons ($4.99, iOS,Touch Dimensions). Not the Oregon Trail-esque game Jared thought this might be…this one actually resembles a space trader game where you need to move from place to place as you buy low and sell high. There are battle elements and other management pieces in here and so far Jared is really enjoying the game. It might be a bit pricey for what it offers but he will keep playing and report back.

Todd: Amazing Loot Grind (Free, iOS & Android, Michael Astolfi). Todd played this on Android and it is an odd game…that really is not a game. Not quite a clicker in the traditional sense, this game is more of a “yes” or “no” (buy or sell) your loot type of game. No real gameplay is present but there are probably folks out there that will get hooked on this just for the fun of seeing new loot. Todd deleted it but you might want to try it anyway…just in case.



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