In this episode, Jared battles through a nasty cold/sore throat and we deliver another ToG for the masses to enjoy. We talk about a few notable game updates, some upcoming games we are looking forward to, and a tiny bit of news.

We remind listeners that we will do one more show this year (for the week of Dec. 21) and then we will take 2 weeks off to spend the holidays with friends, family, and our game of the year contenders.

We then talk game we played.

Todd: played a few games with that got Holiday updates: Ski Safari 2, Soda Dungeon, and Landsliders (which also saw its Android release this week). He is enjoying all of these games right now.

Jared: gave a brief update on Desktop Dungeons…a rogue-like that came out this year. He is really digging its almost “puzzle-like” gameplay and he highly recommends it to rogue-like fans who are looking for something with depth and puzzle elements more than action RPG elements.

As for new games…

Todd talked about Air Attack 2 ($1.99, iOS, Art in Games). This WWII themed air battle schmup features truly awe-inspiring graphics, lots of action, and varied missions/ways to play…it all adds up to an excellent take on the bullet-heck schmup genre and Todd recommends this game. A full review is pending, but so far it has been excellent.

Jared played Fantastic Plastic Squad (DropForge Games, iOS, Free). It is a fun little action shoot/FPS game and it offers some fun gameplay elements, but the Free to Play aspects are a bit heavy-handed and the story/characters are a bit on the generic side. Worth a shot but he will be deleting this game soon.

Jared and Todd both played Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest (Free, iOS & Android, D3 Go!) and they found it to be an awesome mash up of the match 3 elements of Puzzle Quest and the deck building/card battling mechanic of Magic: The Gathering. The game is surprisingly deep and offers a lot of strategies and options for the player. The free to play mechanics never truly get in the way; although if you do want premium currency, it is doled out very, very slowly or can be purchased at a fairly high price point. The UI leaves A LOT to be desired, but it detracts little from the game’s enjoyment. Well worth getting if you are interested in the mechanics of either PQ or M:TG. Grab it today!

Todd played Power Hover ($3.99, iOS, Oddrok Oy). This is a very interesting, story based hover board action game. You move along the varied levels using your hover board skills to collect batteries which help you gain power and power up your town/overworld. It looks great and has a lot of interesting levels. The hover board is a bit unwieldly but you do get better at it with time. The checkpoint system is fair and the game is very quick to restart if you die. Games like this sometimes lead Todd to frustration, but this one has the right mix to keep him trying to progress. So far, so good. A full review will come soon but put this one on your radar.

Jared: The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm (Free, Maximum Play, iOS). This game starts off as one of the best Real Time Strategy games Jared has ever seen on mobile. It does so much right within that genre. But then it adds in a Clash of Clans-esque town building/defense mechanic and that drags the game right down. Overly aggressive Free to Play mechanics (especially the cool down timers and the Builders) further sully the experience. Overall, Jared loves this game for the RTS elements, but the other mechanics overwhelm the great RTS experience and drag the game down. Try it if you want but he will be uninstalling the app soon.

And that does it for another ToG.


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