We’re back after our little holiday break! First we gave shout-outs to the 2 awesome, 5-star iTunes reviews we received in December. Thanks! We then talked our game of the month for December and the winner is:

Todd –
Runner Up: Air Attack 2 is runner-up ($1.99, iOS, Art in Games)
Winner: Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest (Free, iOS & Android, D3 Go!)

And Jared agrees…
Jared – Winner: Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest (Free, iOS & Android, D3 Go!)

We then talked a bit of upcoming game news.

Then we went into games. Todd tried 6 games this week and insta-deleted 5 of them…so he does not have a lot to talk about. Jared has a few more; thankfully.


Pixel Starships (Free, iOS, Savy Soda) – Jared picked up this game hoping for something fun. Instead it got a Clash of Clans meets random, boring pixel art game. He gave it is all but he really cannot recommend this game to anyone. Removed from his device.


Grayout ($2.99, iOS, Neven Mrgan) – Todd sort of enjoyed this interesting take on an interactive novel meets mystery story meets word game. However, the game often fell more towards the “random guessing” side of things than the “logically figure out the puzzle” side of things; which leads to frustration and too much randomness. He cannot fully recommend it but it is worth checking out more if the idea of it intrigues you.


Battlehand (Free, iOS and Android, Kongregate) – a CCG with many free to play elements (literally and figuratively). Jared needs more time with this one before he can give a recommendation. Todd tried it, found nothing really new to what it was doing, and deleted it right away…but that could be due to his own burnout on the genre more than anything else.

Clocks (Free, iOS, Noodlecake) – a fun little score chase/puzzle type of game that Jared is having a lot of fun with. Well worth trying out…which is exactly what Todd will do this week since he tried 5 other “quick” type games and did not like any of them at all.

World of Yo Ho (Free…kind of $38.50, iOS and Android, Les Editions Volumiques) – And now for something completely different…this is a free app…but one that is essentially useless unless you buy the $40 (ish) board game that goes with it. Do that and you get a very fun, humorous, and innovative physical/digital game experience. If you are into board games and want to try something different, this is a nice place to start.

And that about does it.

Our next show will be our “Games of 2015” rundown show. Cool.


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