In this episode you will hear Todd talk about the snowstorm that wasn’t and about upcoming plans to see Star Wars.
That leads Jared into a most excellent and heartwarming story about one of the prequel movies…not something you hear about very often for sure with those movies!

We then talk a small bit of news and quite a bit about the games we did not play this week…even if we did happen to buy them (we are all looking at you; Jared)

Finally, it is time for new games…

Todd played Baum ($1.99, iOS & Android, A Fox Wot). This is a very pretty and somewhat interesting platformer where you use touch to move a drop of water through various levels. The game looks and sounds nice but the controls are not quite there and the fact that you are “flying blind” in a lot of levels does not help things out. This game is OK but not really recommended at this point.

Jared decided not to bury the lead and talked about Crashlands ($4.99, iOS and Android, Butterscotch Shenanigans). Dear listener, grab a nice cup of your favorite beverage, find a cozy place to sit down, and listen to the melodic voice of Bard Jared as he praises this game like almost no other. He really, truly loves this “crafting meets action” game and he recommends it to all of you out there in mobile game land.

Todd then talked about Dungelot: Shattered Lands ($3.99, iOS, Red Winter). This game is a distillation of all of the great gaming ideas that Dungelot 1 started. It is full-on premium (unlike Dungelot 2), irons out many kinks from Dungelot 1, and adds a ton more content and concepts. Basically, if you like Rogue-like games with a fantasy setting, a mine-sweeper vibe, and RPG elements…you should try this. If you loved Dungelot 1 and are craving more; this is for you. If you never played any of them (or only #2…shudder), then this is the one to get. Recommended.

Pirate Power (Free, iOS, Godzilab) – Jared was in on the beta for this one and even though the gold release wiped out all of his data (that is typical…not some sort of bug), he is still enjoying this game. Lots of fun is to be had here. The “free to play” mechanics are not too intrusive. In short, this is Jared’s current “free to play” game of choice and he will keep playing it. Give it a shot as well.

And that is that.

See everyone next week.


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