In this episode, Todd and Jared talk news and game updates.
It only takes Jared 10 minutes to bring up Crashlands. Not bad.

We recap a few games we talked about last week…

Todd is still enjoying Dungelot: Shattered Lands.
Jared has faded a bit on Pirate Power and that game’s Free to Play mechanics have caught up with him; causing him to be a lot less glowing in his thoughts on the game. Proceed with it at your own risk.

We then talked about new games we played.

Todd talked about 4 games…none of which was truly terrible but none of which really did anything new or had interesting hooks. Hence…they were not really worth grabbing.

Jared played Cartoon Wars 3 (Gamevil, Free, iOS and Android). He was hoping for more than this game delivered and he was underwhelmed by much of it; chiefly its Free to Play mechanics. Not recommended.

Jared and Todd both played Baseball Highlights 2045 ($5.99, iOS and Android, Peter Kossits). This is a very interesting and surprisingly deep strategy board/card game. It has a lot to offer and could prove a worthy addition to ones gaming library. It was truly a bit of a surprise and it has a ton of potential, but it does need to add a bit to the gameplay mechanics and the overall depth of the game (things like online multiplayer and some card expansions would go a long way). Definitely worth checking out.

And that is about that. It was a bit of a light week on the app stores this week so we did not review a ton of games.

Take care and enjoy,

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