It is that time of the ToG month…game of the month for January.
Todd’s pick was Dungelot: Shattered Lands ($3.99, iOS, Red Winter). Fun game. Good times.
Jared’s pick was….you guessed it….Crashlands (act surprised): ($4.99, iOS & Android, Butterscotch Shenanigans)

After our game of the month talks, go into a fair bit of gaming news and game updates. Lots going on this week with those things.

We then slide into our mentions of a few of the “bigger” games that we did not play this week.

And then it is new game time…and we cover all the bases this week.

Jared starts off with some board game to digital game goodness in the form of Tsuro ($3.99, iOS, Thunderbox Entertainment). The board game version is a favorite in his household and the digital game looks to follow suit. Well designed. Well implemented. Just plain ole’ fun. It actually adds some “house/advanced” rules to the gameplay and is the better for it. Highly recommended.

Todd starts out with Splash Cars (Free, iOS & Android, Craneballs) – this is a very enjoyable little game. Micro Machines meets Splatoon…drive your car around and “paint” the grayscale world as you go. Todd digs the gameplay and the challenge but is a bit down on the energy system (batteries) that remains even if you play to get rid of ads. Overall it is recommended. Try it.

Jared Avengers Academy (Free, iOS and Android, TinyCo, Inc.) – Thinks Simpsons tapped out in the Marvel Universe and you begin to get the picture…only what you picture is probably a lot more fun than what this steaming pile of gaming turd ends up being. This game is simply not good and not fun. Avoid it.

Todd – All is Lost (Free, iOS, Foursaken Media). This is a very cool, very atmospheric, and very challenging level based endless runner. Guide your crew members, one at a time, through your failing space station and get them to safety. Swipe controls work well and things get hectic in a hurry…so be prepared. Well worth trying out and this is a nice shot of “different” in the endless runner genre. Oh, and the free to play is minimal and you can buy your way out of ads for $.99. Definitely recommended.

Jared Blacksmith Lab (Free, iOS and Android, GamesButler) – this is an interesting little clicker meets light economic sim (think of selling turnips in Animal Crossing and you get the idea). It looks and plays just fine and is good for a little mindless fun now and then. It is worth a try for sure; although Jared is not sure how much longer he will be playing it as so many other games are clamoring for his attention currently.

Todd Space Grunts ($3.99, iOS & Android, Orange Pixel) – Todd thought this would be a turn-based/action RPG (ish) game but it turned out to be more of a rogue-like with some RPG elements. Overall, it is a nice little game and has some fun elements (like ranged attacks), but there are a few quirks currently holding it back. One is the D Pad…it is just way too huge and a bit ungainly. There is also the graphical style of the game…which is a bit too “Orange Pixel” (aka – muddy) for its own good. Todd recommends keeping this one on your watch list and seeing what they do to support/update it. Not bad but could be a bit better. Jared likes it a bit more than Todd but still recommends a wait and see attitude.

Jared’s last game was Ninja Boy Adventures ($1.99, iOS, The Clash Soft). This game is essentially classic Bomberman for iOS…and that is a good thing. Fun, puzzle gameplay coupled with nice, clean graphics and great MFI support make this game a lot of fun. If you are craving some old school Bomberman action, then this is for you. Check it out!

And that is that. We crammed in a lot this week and had fun doing it.


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