This was a big week with a lot to talk about.
First we talk about some upcoming games, some game updates, and some swell iOS games that are now out on Android.

Then we talk about a few big games we did not try this week (hint: RPGs)

Then we talk about some new games.

Jared – Kung Fu Panda Battle of Destiny (Free, iOS, Ludia). Have you heard of Collectible Card Games (CCGs)? Have you heard of Hearthstone? Have you head of Kung Fun Panda? Well, this game is essentially a CCG that “borrows” most of Hearthstone’s format/play style and puts it in a wrapper of the Kung Fu Panda IP. And, you know what…it actually works. Jared enjoyed the game and recommends it to anyone interested in the genre/IP…especially kids. Try it and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Todd: _Prism ($2.99. iOS, Clint Slu) – this is an atmospheric (like what I did that…”sphere”…) puzzle game that focuses on great touch mechanics, a nice futuristic graphical style, fun puzzles, and an interesting Zen-like sense of exploration. Todd is really digging the game and he enjoys that fact that it is challenging but it does not break his brain. Recommended.

Jared – Star Chindy ($2.99 on iOS, $3.34 Android, MASTGames) – This Sci-fi tactile game mixes FTL like space battles with XCOM like top-down turn based strategy elements. And while it is not as good as either of those games, it does actually play pretty well. There are a few kinks (I am looking at you, “reload” mechanic), but the game has a lot of potential. Jared recommends you do a bit more digging into this one to see how it might fare for you.

Todd – Shadow Blade: Reload ($4.99, iOS & Android, Crescent Moon Games) – Todd played and enjoyed, for the most part, this side scrolling platformer. The game plays and looks great, but there are a few quirks with things like MFI support (a bit wonky), controller overlays (not moveable), and some levels that require trial by dying in order to find the right path through. Todd also revisited the first game and enjoyed that…perhaps even a bit more. For now, he recommends holding off on this one to see if the release an update to tweak the issues and improve the game. If you like what you see, the first one is well worth revisiting.

Jared – Harvest Moon Seeds of Memory ($9.99, iOS, Natsume Inc.) – the cute farming simulator meets character interaction game finally makes its way to mobile…and it does so with a nice looking and fully fleshed out release. Not free to play in any way, this is a full Harvest Moon game. If you have never played one before, Jared gives a nice little run-down and this might be a title for you. If you have played one before, this one does not offer a whole lot that is new. Worth checking out but your overall mileage may vary.

Todd – Tomb of the Mask – Endless Arcade (Free, iOS, Happymagenta) – old school graphics with frantic swipe controlled gameplay help push this level-based endless runner into the forefront of games this week. It has great gameplay and really tempts you with that one more run feel. There are upgrades and continues and level ups…which all add to the hooks. Overall, this is certainly one to try and see where it takes you.

Jared – The Greedy Cave ($.99, iOS, AvalonGames) – This game looks a lot like Don’t Starve but it plays a lot (and we mean A LOT) like Enchanted Cave 2. It is a dungeon delving rogue-like with enough hooks to keep you coming back for me. Todd loved Enchanted Cave 2 so he might check this one out. Jared did not play EC2, but he really likes this one a lot. Recommended for rogue-like fans out there.


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