This is ToG #236. Recorded for the week of Feb. 29, 2014. Happy Leap Day!

In this episode we announce some big news regarding the format of the podcast and how it is going to evolve moving forward. We then talk game updates, news, and mention a few of the bigger game releases that we did not try this week.

Finally we go into the games we played:

Todd: Snowboarding – The Fourth Phase (Free, iOS & Android, Red Bull) – This is a very serviceable snowboarding games that focuses on short levels and uses a nice cel-shading style to represent the sport. It has decent free to play mechanics and provides a few hours of nice gameplay…but there is little incentive to keep pushing on as the game is pretty much a one trick pony and it eventually gets stale. Worth checking out, though.

Jared: iSlash Heroes (Free, iOS & Android, Duello) – This is a throwback to the gameplay style of the classic game Qix. Use swipes to cut off parts of the play field while avoiding and isolating the enemies. Jared really enjoyed it for what it is and he recommends you check it out.

Todd (and Jared): I Keep Having This Dream ($1.99, iOS, FireFlame Games) – the last game from Dungeon Raid dev, this one has you sort of creating your own path through a dungeon as you place various tiles in an effort to progress to the exit. It has some awesome ideas but the levels are a bit long, the upgrades a bit few and far between, and the learning curve a bit obtuse…making it not quite the game it should be. Todd likes it more than Jared but this is still probably one to watch first and buy later.

Jared: Super Tribes (Free, iOS, Midjiwan AB) – a surprisingly nice little Civ style game, this one came out of nowhere, offers some nice style and substance, and has an extremely fair free to play model. It is well worth checking out for some quick little “conquer the kingdom/world” gameplay that distills what Civ did very nicely into a mobile friendly game length. Recommend.

Todd: Futurama: Game of Drones (Free, iOS & Android, Wooga) – This is a Match 4 game that offers a ton of levels, decent free to play mechanics, a nice look, and an under-utilized Futurama License. Oh…the characters and locations are all there, but they are not fleshed out at all and things just fall flat on that side of the equation. If you are a fan of the show, this will leave you wanting and it probably won’t be your cup of tea. If you like the Match 3 genre, this is a game worth grabbing.

Jared: Patchwork The Game ($2.99, iOS & Android, Digidiced) – A very nice adaptation of a fun little board game focusing on quilting (sort of). This is how to convert a physical game to mobile and Jared has really been enjoying it so far. Grab it and challenge him to a game!

And that is that. Our next show will be March 14th.

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