Touch of Gaming #238. For the week of March 28, 2016

We talk about a few updates.
We talk about a lot of news…it was a good couple of weeks for news.
We talk about a few games we did not play.
We then get right down to games we did play:

Jared: Dictator 2: Evolution ($1.99, iOS and Android, Tigrido) – Jared spoke about this game although Todd tried it as well. It is a sequel to a well-regarded game and it features card battling elements, clicker elements, and resource management elements. It has some style to it but, overall, the elements just don’t work well – either on their own or combined as a whole. Both Jared and Todd say you should just “pass” on this game.

Todd: King Rabbit ($.99, iOS, Rare Sloth) – This is the sequel to 2015’s acclaimed game “Furdemption”. It is essentially a puzzle game with some light platforming elements. It has a nice look and feel and a decent ramp up in difficulty. Altogether, it makes for a very nice little package at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Jared: Planar Conquest ($12.99, iOS and just released on Android, Wastelands Interactive) – This is a true, hardcore 4X game on mobile. There is a ton to enjoy and do in this game, the problem Jared had with it is that finding those things can be a challenge…there is a very steep learning curve. Coupled with the relatively steep price, this game comes recommended but with caveats. If you are willing to invest time and money, you can find something rewarding here. A cautious recommendation.

Todd: 7 Mages (Free to try, $6.99 for full unlock, iOS & Android, Napoleon Games) – This fantasy themed, 1st person perspective dungeon crawler teems with style and content. It reminds Todd a bit of The Legend of Grimrock coupled with The Quest. You control 1 mage (at first) and you move about dungeons solving puzzles and battling monsters. You eventually add more mages to the party, more to more varied locals, and you also add the element of “music”; which augments the characters/battles. It is a cool system overall and the free to try, pay to unlock the game is very fair. Give it a shot.

Jared: Love You to Bits ($3.99, iOS, Alike Studio) – Jared does not really enjoy point and click adventures. This one; however, suits him just fine. It is a very fun and “pleasant” game with plenty of interesting puzzle and just an overall feeling of “nice” about it. Some of the puzzle reach Rube Goldberg levels of cause and effect and that can be really rewarding. This one comes very highly recommended.

And that does it for this show. See you in 2 weeks!

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