This is quite a long episode featuring quite a bit of info.

As usual, we start with lots of upcoming games and news talk and part of that involves a Miitomo battle royale.

We then move into games we didn’t play (spoilers…but it turns out one of us did…)

Finally we get to the meat of the podcast and focus on the many games we did play…

Jared: Motorsports Manager (Free on iOS & $.99 on Android, Christian West) – This game went free on iOS (and is $.99 on Android) so Jared grabbed it and started it and got sucked into a 2+ hour gaming session. Todd enjoys it too and you should check it out. A great blend of F1 style management sim with some top down racing elements all done with nice graphical flair. Recommended!

Jared: Disney Crossy Road (Free, iOS & Android, Disney/Hipster Whale) – Jared strikes again with his take on this Crossy Road spin-off/sequel. This time Disney characters are the focus. The gameplay is essentially the same as Crossy Road but with Disney characters and themes. There is a lot to love here and the different themes actually change up gameplay so they are worth checking out. If you are not completely tired of Crossy Road then check this one out.

Todd: Hammer Bomb (Free, iOS & Android, Crescent Moon) – This is a first person perspective dungeon crawler meets rogue-like meets a tiny bit of the feel of an endless runner. There is a ton to enjoy here from the music to the Voxel look to the responsiveness of the controls. There is character leveling and things to unlock/upgrade and the game is really fun overall. Worth checking out for sure.

Jared: Lost Portal ($2.99, iOS, Michael Camilli) – This is a very well done CCG that might need a bit more incubation to reach its full potential. Nevertheless, if you are looking for another game in the style of Magic the Gathering, this is one to look out for. Jared gives it a cautious recommendation and you might want to wait for an update because it does have a few kinks to work out. It shows a lot of promise; though.

Todd: Good Knight Story (Free, iOS, Turbo Chili) – a “draw a line to match pieces” style of Match 3 game, this offers monsters to battle, 6 different game pieces to use (4 represent elements, one for life, and one for shields), and some quests to complete. There is money to be earned, levels to be gained via XP, weapons and spells to be acquired, and upgrades to be applied. All in all, this is a very solid offering with charm, good looks, and very solid gameplay. Highly recommended.

Jared: Flail Rider (Free, iOS & Android, BulkyPix) – a retro looking endless runner, in this one you drive a car around a level populate with various structures. The car has a large “flail” (ball and chain) attached to the back of it. You need to avoid the structures with your car while letting the flail hit them. The problems lie in the randomness of the levels and the fact that very often you cannot avoid what you are trying to avoid because it essentially pops up out of nowhere. Jared did not like and neither did Todd. Steer clear.

Todd: Looty Dungeon (Free, iOS, Taco Illuminati) – This has a Crossy Road look, control mechanic, and monetization scheme, but it offers some nice differences like room-based levels, different characters with different abilities, attack and defense mechanics, quests to complete, traps, bosses, and more. It all seems promising but Todd had an extremely difficult time getting it to run properly…so he does not have enough time with the game to fully recommend it. Probably worth checking out but your mileage may vary.

Jared: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Chi) (Free, iOS & Android, Square Enix) – another free to play Square Enix game, this one looks to dethrone FF: Record Keeper as Jared’s go to free to play RPG game. He is digging it quite a bit so far and likes the look, feel, and gameplay mechanics of the game. He recommends you try it out and he will update us next time about how the free to play aspects of the game are going.

That does it for this week.

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