Hi everyone.

In this episode we talk about some recent or soon to be arriving updates and games.

We then divert to talk about Todd’s issues with Game Center … namely; he cannot open the app anymore.

After a bit of other random chit chat (our Miitomo debate continues), we get into new games:

Todd – Yakin’ ($.99, iOS & Android, Two Fish One Chips) – This harkens back to the good ole days of “Summer Games”. It is an 8 bit (ish) take on kayaking with smooth controls and lots of challenge. Getting 3 stars on all of the levels is tough but there is a lot of fun to be had along the way. Recommended.

Jared – Core Worlds Digital ($5.99, iOS, Broken Myth Studios) – another board game to digital translation, this game unfortunately falls short in pretty much all categories. From poor AI to lots of little glitches to a boring and not very helpful tutorial, this game just does not cut it. Avoid it.

Todd – Kerohiro the Flag Bearer (Free, iOS and Android, Chan Chee Lek) – With froggy characters, goofy little RPG quests, and a “snake” like battle mechanic/play style, Todd had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, it all falls flat. The levels are slow, the energy system gets in the way, and the controls just don’t quite work. This one is not ready for prime time. It is free so you can try it for yourself but Todd is deleting the app.

Jared – Spellspire (Free, iOS, 10Ton Ltd.) – if you are itching for another word game mixed with an RPG, then this game is for you. It features a very fair free to play mechanic and a decent amount of challenge and fun. It can get a bit tough in points (boss stages; mostly) but it is a well put together game that is well worth a try. Recommended.

Todd – Astro Attack (Free, iOS, James Bowling) – think space invaders meets Galaga meets schmup…all tied together with a more than fair Crossy Road free to play mechanic. This game is good, endless runner (shooter) fun that has been keeping Todd entertained for a couple of weeks. It cries out for “just one more run”. A very solid title that could be improved a bit with in-game music and sound effects that change based on the skin/theme you are playing with at the time. Recommended.

Jared – Warbits ($2.99, iOS, Risky Lab, LLC) – we bury the lead once again and talk about the best game of the last 2 weeks at the end of the show rather than at the beginning. This turn based strategy game is HEAVILY inspired by the classic Advanced Wars series. This one offers a ton of polished gameplay with a decent; albeit short, single player campaign and an incredibly well done asynchronous multiplayer piece. Jared it really, really loving this and this game will be in his Top 10 of the year. Highly recommended.

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