Hello and welcome to Touch of Gaming #241 recorded for the week of May 9, 2016

In this episode the lads discuss a few game updates that have hit and they also dig into the news…and there is a decent amount of it again this time around.

After that, it is time to discuss the games “we’ve been playing”.

Jared and Todd – War Tortoise (Free, iOS, Foursaken Media) –Jared took the lead on this review. This game is an interesting twist on a “clicker” crossed with a gallery shooter and it all comes together so nicely. There is a great deal of fun to be had as you command your stationary “war tortoise”, and your support units, in battle against wave after wave of mean-spirited animals and bugs. The game looks great, plays great, and has more depth to it than one might guess. Overall, both Jared and Todd highly recommend this game. Check it out!

Todd – Joan Mad Run (Free, iOS, Happymagenta) – This long-time-in-the-making, endless runner is a lot of fun and plays really well overall. The action is intense and there are lots of things you can upgrade and do as you run from left to right avoiding dangers and taking down bad buys. Todd highly recommends it although he is the first to admit that the game gets a bit too hectic for his aging reflexes.

Jared – Tropical Wars (Free, iOS/Android, Game Alliance) – Jared was hoping for something a bit different in this koala-themed strategy game but, as it turned out, it was basically another Clash of Clans game. That’s all well and good but Jared is played out on that style of game and he will be letting this one escape his iPad. It is not a bad game but there are better games out there. Try it if you have not tried Clash of Clans and enjoy the look/theme of this one a bit more.

Jared – Spellbinders (Free, iOS/Android, Kiloo) – another game in a genre that is filling up rapidly, Spellbinders is basically a MOBA on mobile…and it suffers quite a bit because of that fact. Why? Because Clash Royale came out a month ago and does pretty much everything better than Spellbinders. Jared recommends Clash Royale over Spellbinders. Take that for what you will (i.e. – trust him and play Clash Royale).

Todd – Inks. ($1.99, iOS, State of Play) – Another beautiful game from the creators of possibly the best looking iOS game ever…Lumino City…hit this week. It takes the mechanics of pinball, blends it with a very minimal look of simple pinball tables with a watercolor splashing paint effect, and wraps it all in a puzzle game. The idea is to use as few shots as possible to hit all of the color spots on the table so you can then progress to the next level. You get 72 levels for $1.99 and there are a couple of other level packs available. It makes a neat little puzzle game with some decent pinball mechanics and it is worth checking out for sure. Just don’t expect any sort of full-blown pinball game here. It is chiefly a puzzle game and the levels can be extremely quick once you master the way to clear them.

Jared – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Free, iOS/Android, Obsidian Entertainment) – Jared has been playing this game for a few weeks and he is really enjoying it. It is basically a simplified version of the Pathfinder tabletop RPG that plays out with a deck mechanic. There is a lot of meat to this game and a lot going on overall, so the learning curve is steep, but it is worth the effort if you like fantasy RPGs (particularly of the table top variety). There is a Season One purchase for $25 and Jared might buy it and let us know how it all plays out. Stayed tuned.

And that is the show.

Thanks for listening.

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