In this episode the lads find that things have been BUSY in the mobile gaming world of late.

They talk some game updates that have recently rolled in.
They then talk about upcoming games.
And they wrap up the section with some industry news.

Moving on to games they are playing…

Jared – Tiny Tower (Free, iOS/Android, Nimble Bit) – this game came out 5 years ago but it just got a massive update. Jared is really digging it (yet again) and encourages everyone to at least check it out.

Todd – Adventure League 2D Retro (Free in Beta, Android, AXFN) – this game is in beta but it is a fun little RPG/Strategy/Rogue-like game. The writing is its strong suit and it is worth taking a look at and maybe adding input to the dev about.

Jared – Castles of Mad King Ludwig ($6.99, iOS, Jeremiah Maher) – another excellent board game to mobile translation from the folks that brought you the also-excellent “Suburbia”. Jared is truly loving this game and thinks it belongs on the devices of anyone interested in the genre. Grab it!

Todd – Pixel Cup Soccer 16 ($2.99, iOS, ODT S.A.) – This is not FIFA and it is not trying to be. No, this old school, extremely arcadey take on football/soccer offers a nice look and plenty of high-paced action…but Todd is torn on it. There is not a lot of depth there and every game pretty much feels the same. Things like goalie control, a more zoomed out look of the pitch, improved penalty shot mechanics, etc. would all add to the enjoy-ability of the game. The devs are working on lots of patches so Todd recommends watching this one and grabbing it once its feature set meets your desires. Until then, you might want to also have a look at Active Soccer 2.

Jared – Legendary Team – the action role playing game for epic heroes (Free, Android/iOS, Panteon) – Think free to play Battleheart and you have this game. It is worth checking out if you had your fill of Battleheart but still want to play something similar. Or, maybe, if you don’t want to spend any money on Battleheart at all and are looking for something free to play. It is a good game, but there is a better one out there and that makes this one fall into quite a small niche.

Todd – Skate Party 3 ($1.99, iOS and Android, RatRod) – think Tony Hawk Pro Skater for mobile. This game does a nice job replicating the look and feel of the old THPS games. It plays well. It has large and varied levels with lots of challenges. It has lots of things to unlock. It has a decent control scheme and (somewhat limited) controller support. All in all…it is a skateboarding game and if you are into that sort of thing, this is well worth a look.

Jared – Gem Hunters (Free, iOS, Armor Games Inc.) – a “match 3” game with RPG elements, this game is fairly simple but does get deeper the more your progress. You have stats that can level up. You have gear you can equip and improve. You have “pets” that can lend a hand. And, of course, you have a quest that plays out in “levels” that you need to complete. It is a very solid offering overall if you are into the genre and it is worth taking a look at.

And that does it for now.


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