In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news.

We then talk about the games we did not play.

And then the games we are playing.

Jared – Star Billions (Free w/IAP $3, James Cockerham/Catch and Release, iOS/Android) – Jared sort of digs this little game. It is similar to Lifeline as it will send you little story bits throughout the day. The issue is that if you want to speed things along, you need to play 1 of 2 inane mini-games. That aside, the writing is solid and the story is fun. The first chapter is free. The next costs $2.99. Recommended.

Todd – Wizard Swipe (Free, iOS & Android, Niceplay Games) – pixel game in which you swipe to shoot spells upwards in order to defend your castle. This one starts off fun and a bit refreshing, but it grows more annoying as you progress. You are basically forced to watch ads to double your much-needed gold and levels get hard in a hurry…forcing you to grind for gold so you can upgrade your tech tree. This has potential, and is fun for the first hour, but after that it will leave you wanting something better honed. Try it but don’t expect too much.

Jared – Dawnbringer (Free, Kiloo, iOS/Android) – Think Infinity Blade meets Open World RPG and you get an idea of what is going on here. Things look great and, initially, all is good in the game…but flaws soon crop up. There are only 3 types of quests. The fighting system is a bit awkward and does not play well. You are basically forced to watch ads if you die. Etc. It all adds up to a game that Jared cannot really recommend. Since it is free, you might want to give it a go…just don’t expect a whole lot and make sure you have a newer device.

Todd – Heroes of Loot 2 ($3.99 on iOS & $4.49 on Android, OrangePixel) – the sequel to their fun action RPG, this sees more of the same only ramped up. It all plays pretty well and it is a very solid action title with rogue-like elements baked in. Todd recommends it but he thinks you might want to wait a week or 2 for the next (promised) update. It will add MFi support and more.

Jared – Star Nomad 2 ($7.99, Anh Huy Phan, iOS) – this game’s PC roots shine through way too much and that gets in the way of its menus and controls. Underneath is a potentially very fun space exploration and trading game, but the cons outweigh the pros; especially at this premium price point. It is another “wait and see” type of game but, as of now, Jared cannot currently recommend it on mobile.

Todd – BlazBlue RR – Real Action Game (Free, iOS & Android, 91 Act) – a level based action game set in the BlazBlue fighting game universe, this one has tons of free to play elements…but they act more as points of confusion than points of pain/annoyance. In fact, the game is surprisingly deep in its controls and move set and it also offers a ton to do each session without the FTP elements blocking your progress. Todd is digging it a lot and it thinks it is worth checking out. It also looks pretty darn amazing.

Jared – Lost Frontier ($2.99, Mika Mobile, iOS/Android) – Jared once again buries the lead and saves the best for last. We saw Warbits a few weeks ago and now we see another turn-based strategy game enter the fray. This one has a Steampunk/Western setting/feel and it does enough different from Warbits (and Advanced Wars before it) to set itself apart. It does a lot right and it just feels good, so if you are into the genre then this is one for you to check out for sure. Highly recommended.

And that is all for the moment.

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