In this episode, Jared and Todd push the big, big, big news to the end of the show – just in case you are burned out on it.

We then talk about a few bigger games we did not play.

And then the games we are playing.

Jared – Smash Squad (Free, iOS, WG Cells Limited) – this is a brief update on the game that Jared talked about last episode. He has played a lot of it and really likes it but he has hit a paywall…and it seems pretty steep. So, he still recommends it but he warns that you might only get a week or 2 of gaming from it. Trier beware.

Todd – Micro Machines (Free, iOS, Chillingo) – this little free to play “table top racer” has potential. It has a nice look and feel with decent (if limited – you only steer…no gas or brake) controls, but the whole package reeks of too many free to play mechanics and shenanigans. They add up and get tiresome. Additionally, this is “online only” and versus other players, so match making figures heavily into how well you progress…and the match making has not been the best. There is some enjoyment to be had but Todd feels this game is not for him and could use work overall. He will not stick with it; and that is a bit of a shame. Go play Mini Motor Racing instead.

Todd/Jared – Super Stickman Golf 3 (Free, iOS & Android, Noodlecake) – lost in the buzz of Pokemon Go is the 3rd iteration in the SSG series. This one is more of the same with tweaks and embellishments and added polish. You control a little golfer as you tackle puzzle-like, side view golf courses. The game plays as well, if not better, than the prior 2 and there is a lot to keep you entertained. Free to play is toned down and you really don’t have to pay anything; although giving $2.99 unlocks some features you might like such as downloadable courses. Overall, both Todd and Jared agree…if you like SSG then you will like this a lot. If you don’t, this will do nothing to change your mind. Oh, and the card opening mechanic feels awesome. Highly recommended overall.

Jared – Rising Warriors (Free, iOS, FredBear Games LTD) – this free to play strategy game has you slowing building an army and working your way through tactical battles. Jared is digging it but some of the free to play mechanics, mostly revolving around timers, seem oddly placed and really limit the flow of gameplay. Perhaps those will get tweaked so you might want to check this out but, overall, this is more of a wait and see game at this point.

Todd – Dead Venture ($1.99, iOS & Android, Dogbyte Games) – This is a mission based, voxel graphic, semi-rogue like game where you control an upgradeable vehicle and you get sent on short missions of zombie destruction and item collection. Each time you make a run towards you mission goals, a day goes by. You have a camp that acts as your home base and you get assigned new missions as you complete old ones. You upgrade your vehicle and unlock more vehicles and move to new camps in the Story Mode. You can also play Survival and Time Attack modes. It all adds up to a lot of fun for $2. Highly recommended.

Jared – Pokemon Go (Free, iOS & Android, Niantic) – we are digging the game and the phenomena around it. We talk about it all for the last 15+ minutes of the show; making it easy for you to skip this section if you are burned out on Pokemon Go news. Despite its shallow gameplay and a few design hiccups, this is a very fun and oddly addictive game. We can see why it has captured the world’s attention.

And that is all for the moment.

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