In this episode, Jared and Todd talk some news and game updates and upcoming games they are excited for.

We then talk about a few bigger games we did not play.

And then the games we are playing.

Jared – Pokemon Go (Free, iOS & Android, Niantic) – Jared is still playing and enjoying the game. He is taking things at his own pace and catches ‘em all whenever he has time.

Jared – Legends of Heropolis (Free, iOS & Android, Kairosoft) – A far cry from the Kairosoft of yore, this game stuffs free to play mechanic after free to play mechanic into a game that is no fun and makes little sense. Jared has warned you: avoid it like the plague.

Todd – Dead Shell (Free on Android, $2.99 on iOS, Herocraft, Ltd.) – This game purports to be a RPG/Roguelike, but it really contains very little of either mechanic. The gameplay is quick and fairly fun but it feels more like Dungelot lite meets a clicker set in the world of Doom. It is worth trying for free on Android but there is not really enough there to recommend it on iOS. Todd thinks it is a 3 star game. Jared does not even think that much of it. It had the potential to be much better, though, and that is a shame.

Jared – Egg, Inc. (Free, iOS & Android, Auxbrain) – Jared is back on the clicker train and he is really enjoying this one. It does some things differently within the genre and it has a ton of charm. Worth checking out if you are craving yet another clicker.

Todd – Guild of Dungeoneering ($3.99, iOS & Android, Gambrinous) – This Boardgame meets roguelike meets card battle mechanic meets story game is something to behold. So much love and care and attention to detail obviously went into it that you owe it to yourself to at least check out some videos of the game. The game itself plays really well and has surprising depth, but it can be a bit too random for its own good. It can also feel a bit unfair or grindy; although just when you get frustrated to the point of quitting, a new little ditty plays in the game and you get a new character and you just have to smile and try that dungeon one more time. Todd highly recommends this. Jared, who played it at a higher price point on PC, is a little less enthusiastic about it; although he still played it for 5 hours.

Jared – Dots and Co. (Free, iOS & Android, Playdots) – the 3rd game in this series, this matching-esque game offers a lot of fun, pretty much no paywall, and a nice, cute style. Jared finds it almost relaxing to play and he recommends grabbing it and trying it for yourself.

And that is all for the moment.

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