In this episode, Jared and Todd chit chat a bit and then deliver some very sad (potentially) news about the podcast…

We then talk upcoming releases and some Pokemon GO news.

After that, we mention a few bigger games we did not play (but that we might have purchased).

And then it is on to the games we are playing…and it is a lot this time. Glory be!

Jared – gave an update on Heroes of Normandie ($9.99, iOS, Slitherine). After playing and reading up on the game for 2 hours, Jared is getting a handle on this excellent WWII strategy game. It has a steep learning curve (remember, he is a veteran of such games) but he is digging it so far and will update us more later. Worth checking out/keeping an eye on.

Todd – Talked briefly about 2 games: Mars: Mars (Free, iOS & Android, Pomelo Games) – this is a very fun and well-made rocket pack control game. Control your character (there are 30 you can unlock) as you launch from landing pad to landing pad on Mars. Very fun and really worth grabbing. Summoners Fantasy (Free, iOS, Ice Simba) – A CCG that offers a much different battle mechanic than most. Too soon to tell on this one and Jared suspects it is cribbing heavily from mini games in FF VIII and Skylanders: Giants. Hmmm…good thing it is free. Try it?

Jared – Talked about 2 games Mobius Final Fantasy (Free, iOS/Android, Square Enix) – It has potential but the story is boring/uninspired, the free to play mechanics are a bit much, and it is just not that good. He recommends that you avoid it and he deleted it from his device right after we recorded. Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventure ($3.99,iOS, BebobBee, Inc.) Akin to Pokemon Snap from the Nintendo 64, this game offers a very pleasant/happy gaming experience as you roam through levels and try to take the best photos of the dinosaurs you find there. Family friendly and a good game for everyone…Jared recommends this one.

Todd – Reigns ($2.99, iOS & Android, Devolver Digital) – Todd’s favorite game of the past 2 week, this features a very simple swipe mechanic that allows you, as the King of a country, to make decisions and balance your kingdom. This starts small but adds in bit of story and intrigue as your king dies and a new one takes over. These “reigns” are stand-alone but they also combine with each other making this game very interesting. Highly recommended.

Jared – Severed ($5.99, iOS, Drinkbox Studios) – Take the basic play style of Infinity Blade and add new, fun elements, an odd story, and a totally different look/feel and it all adds up to a potentially superior game. Jared has not finished it yet, but he thinks it is well worth the price of admission. This might be one of his coveted “games of the year”. Grab it today.

Todd – Journey Below ($2.99, iOS, Ravenous Games) – an auto-running, dungeon platformer that has very simple, yet subtle controls. You jump and fight your way across and down dungeon levels trying to reach the end boss. There are lots of upgrades along the way as well as some tough enemies and obstacles. It reminds Todd a bit of Leap Day, but he likes this game more. It might be a bit too tough for his limited skillset; however. Worth looking into for sure.

Jared – Tinker Island (Free, Kongregate, Android/iOS) – a neat little resource management, builder type game, this finds you stranded on an island and it is your goal to build up your community in order to survive. The free to play mechanics seem manageable and this has inserted itself into Jared’s roster of “3 Free To Play games on my iPad” list. Worth checking out.

And that is all for the moment.

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