Michelle is out for this episode, so Rob and I decided to do an EPIC Desktop Tower Defense game roundup! It’s one of my favorite genres of games on the iPhone, so tune in to hear our thoughts on a dozen different DTD games! And yeah, we know we went a little long.. but it’s a DOZEN games! Please forgive us :)

Oh, while you are here, Please send in your questions so we can reply in future episodes!


  1. I do not agree with your assessment of crystal defenders.Before I bought the game,I shared the same opinion regarding the interface & graphics but once I got the game,I was hooked.This game has replaced field runners as my all time favourite Td.I was particularly impressed with the music as it got more & more intense after waves of waves of attack.The soundtrack Is awesome.The best part is I can play with one hand while travelling.I play this game almost everyday thinking up different strategy & trying to best my precious score.I was quite disappointed with your assessment of this game despite the high rating of this game on.itune.Nevertheless, you gave a good review of the other Td & I do like your podcast.

  2. Sorry for not being here for so long, school was back on and I was pretty busy.
    I had missed two of your episodes an had to listen to it at once!
    I haven’t listened to this one yet but it sounds EPIC!
    I love DDTs too!
    Thanks for another spanktaculous episode! (Expression From my science teacher)

    I just wanted to tell you it feels good to be alive with your podcasts!


    P.S don’t kill wiispit or dslife! I am always waiting for new episodes! (not to pressure you)

    P.S.S Sorry about the Payback review I promised you, I was pretty busy and was ignoring the fact for long time now and it’s a pretty old game now I deserve
    I am so sorry but I would like to accompish my never accomplished dream to send the voicemail to you!

    Sorry for rambling on Even myself notice that this is biggest jumbled I have yet written for you.
    Sorry for wasting your time and this time really I am Out!

  3. Aah! How do I edit! I said wiispit!
    Stupid autocorrction on the iPod!
    (My iPod is named iHal 9000, it shows HAL’s red glowing eye upon booting!)

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