Editor’s Note: Well this is a sad day indeed. It’s with great sadness that I have to announce that the Jared and Todd era of the ToG is now over. I started this little podcast in September of 2008 right around when the App Store was first announced/hunted. I was regularly blogging about gaming at the time and was insanely hyped with the prospect of gaming on my mobile device. It turns out that gaming on the iPhone was a hit. Billions of apps have been released, and the ToG was a great way for us to help you spend your money wisely.

I had to step down as a co-host a few years ago due to time constraints. Podcasting when you have two kids, a full time job and a network to run is never easy. I offered the hosting gig to Jared and he mentioned that he would check if Todd could co-host. Once they hit their few-episode-in stride the show blossomed. It grew to become better than it had even been. Todd and Jared have been great hosts, talking about all of their gaming love every week or two. I’m super sad to see them stepping down. I don’t know how any one can fill their shoes moving forward.

I wanted to capture this little note here, my sincere thanks to Todd and Jared for what they did. I loved listening to you talk about Mobile Games every week or so. You guys rock! <3 That said, moving forward the future of the ToG is a little unclear. I'm planning on keeping up with the bi-weekly release schedule for some time, hopefully things will become a little more clear as we go. Ideally I would like to find someone who can sit in the host chair moving forward, we'll see how it goes! So thanks again to Jared and Todd for a job well done! Your mobile gaming passion will be missed :(

In this, the last Jared and Todd era ToG recording, we talk a bunch of news from the Apple Keynote. The biggest things are Super Mario Run, Pokemon, and the Lightning headphone jack.

We then talk a few games we did not play.

After that, Todd has a few brief updates on games he talked about last episode:
Riptide GP: Renegade ($2.99. iOS and Android, Vector Unit),
Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltration.ipa ($2.99, iOS & Android, Telltale Games),
Solitairica ($3.99, iOS, Righteous Hammer)

Then we get into the new games we have been playing.

Jared starts things off by introducing a very special guest segment sent to use by Andi in Germany. He reviews Space Marshals 2 and then hands the mic back to us.

Space Marshals 2 ($5.99, iOS, Pixelbite) – Jared loved the first game and this one just ups the ante in every way…from graphical polish to a newly improved stealth mechanic. This is one of Jared’s favorite games of the year (and Andi also feels that way) so just go and buy it now. Highly recommended.

Disco Dave (Free, iOS & Android, Amused Sloth) – a fun little “endless” game where you control a character who needs to hop from colored square to colored square on a disco dance floor. Fun music, great controls, quick gameplay, lots of unlocks…they all add up to a fun little free to play, twitch mechanic game. Recommended.

Age of Booty: Tactics (, Free w/iap, iOS/Android, Certain Affinity) – Jared was playing this strategy game on his phone but then his phone died so he tried to play it on his iPad Mini 2. Unfortunately, it would not load there. But don’t let that detract you…he is absolutely loving the game and has not hit any paywall due to how they handle things…you basically only need to pay for different chapters in the game…so if you are enjoying it, you can pay for more. Highly Recommended.

Bounty Stars (Free, iOS & Android, DeNA) – another free to play strategy game, this one has a “Western in Space” feel. It features an upgradable set of crew members that you control as you chase across the solar system pursuing different “bounties”. You have crew vs. enemy battles as well as ship vs. ship battles, both of which are turn-based. Overall, the game is a lot of fun, is fair with its FTP, has a nice sense of style, and features decent depth. Recommended.

Head of State ($1.99, iOS, Edward Biden) – the best thing that can be said about this game is that the dev’s last name makes Jared laugh. A game about politics…by a guy with the same last name as the current American Vice President? Hilarious. Unfortunately, the game itself is boring, cynical, and features some very annoying “bubble popping” mechanics. Avoid it like you would avoid a pollster.

Lumines Puzzle and Music ($2.99, iOS & Android, Mobcast) – this is a very nice mobile take of the classic Lumines game…first seen on the Sony PSP. It is basically a music, puzzle, action game and it plays very well on mobile. Todd found the lack of controller support surprising but it is not really necessary. It is just something he was used to. The sound, graphics, and controls are all excellent and there is a lot of content to delve into. Mixing things up a bit, Mobcast also released a free version of the game this week. It is called Lumines Puzzle and Music NEO and Todd recommends you start there and grab the paid game if you like what you see. The paid game has “classic” content that the free version does not include. Highly recommended.

Sushi Go! ($4.99, iOS, Michael Busheikin) – this is a nice little take on a boardgame “gateway” game. Simple and fast gameplay and a nice sense of style make this a fun little game to have. The thing is…this is the sort of game that really benefits from having multiple people in the same room playing the game, so you might just opt to pay a few more dollars to get the physical game. This is recommended overall but if you have friends and family to play with, opt for the real deal.

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