We are back and kicking it epic! While we vowed that we would start doing smaller episodes, the incredible volume of awesome games has forced this episode! In this episode we chat about some really awesome games that have come out recently including, SnakeGalaxy, Glyder, 7 Days Apocalypse, Defend Your Castle and Flight Control. We also cover some interesting news items such as Mass Effect possibly coming to the iPhone and Peggle finally getting a release date.

All of that was a warm up though, as we review five amazing titles! We give you guys reviews of GalagaREMIX, Car Jack Streets, Underworlds, Appy Newz and Flower Garden! That’s a diverse selection of games, and that’s how we roll.

We also announce a contest in this episode where you could win one of three free copies of Appy Newz! Simply leave a comment on this post with the best tabloid headline that you can think of, and we’ll select the best three and send them a promo code! This is only open to people who have a US iTunes account, it’s Apple’s rules not ours!


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  2. Headline entry:

    “Top 10 ways to win Appy Newz!”

  3. “USA Becomes 11th Territory!”
    “Dropped Ballz Get Podcast Banned!”
    “$2 Contest Takes Down Server & Host!”
    “Too Many Headlines Equals ELIMINATION!”
    “Lloyd Discovers a New Dimension While Scratching Himself!”
    “PSP Podcast? Who, Me? What?”
    “Smells Like Bacon!”
    “Swine Flu Makes You Pig Headed!”
    “Zune Phone Corners Market!”

  4. Headline Entry
    “Princess Kisses President Obamma – he turns into a frog !”

  5. Headline entry:

    “Touch of Gaming Podcast Ranks #1 after Flower Garden code leaves Conficker virus Paralyzed”

  6. “It’s made from sugar so it tastes like sugar!”

  7. Biohazard92

    Headline entry:

    “Appy News Contest Inspires TOG Listeners to Visit Website! Millions of Workplace Hours Lost Forever!!!”

  8. Great show guys! I thought the music in Car Jack Streets was great as well, and pointed it out in my review: http://tinyurl.com/cyv7x8

  9. “Rob does not mention balls in an entire episode, listeners are shocked and outraged”

    “Lloyd denies rumours of ball censorship”

  10. Headline entry

    Man killed in horrible accedent involving an iPhone and a goat with an obssion with flowers.

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