We go a little retro in this episode with reviews of Space Invaders and Dig Dug Remix! If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, we also talk at length about all of the great new games that have hit the App Store and also review Need for Speed Undercover and Star Trek! There is something for everyone in this episode, we hope you enjoy it!


  1. The Quacko

    Like always I really enjoyed this podcast. I already have the creeps but you can bet I will be following your twitter feed to see the other contest. I’m excited that I won, I can’t wait to get the code!

  2. Love your podcasts, look forward to them and shop the app store as I listen! Husband snoring next to me as I easily tap “buy”. I’m giving him your number so he can call you guys when be figures out that I’m not just listening to podcasts at night. Sooooo I hear you mention tower defense games all the time but have never purchased one out of fear it may not be “my thang”. I consider myself a gadgetista and fashionista gamer girl so I should try the Creeps, right? Big fan of your DS Podcast as well!

  3. lol Liked the podcast like always. Well except maybe Skype.

  4. Please enter me into the contest. I love the tower defense games and would love to give another one a shot while riding the train to work everyday!

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