Even with the recording studio in disarray we are here to bring you a dose of ToG love! Fitting since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I guess :) It’s a week of EPIC sales on the app store, so be sure to have iTunes open while listening as you can save some MEGA bucks on some amazing games. In this episode Anthony and I talk about some pricey DLC, Plants vs. Zombies hitting the App Store soon, and review Parcel Panic, Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, and Waze!

Was a fun show, hope you enjoy.

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  1. Anthony, I absolutely love Waze! I got a bunch of buddies to download it, even some on the android OS. Thank you so much for finding this! My own compliant about it is that the “ping” messages don’t get pushed, meaning you have to log into the app to see the message. Ok, maybe not my only compliant but I noticed it doesn’t let you collect dots on the road if you’re walking along the road. Feel free to read this Anthony, I won’t be upset if you butcher it! (hah!)

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