Well the iPad is here, and it’s awesome! In this episode Anthony and I talk about all things iPad and spend a bit of time at the end of the episode to talk about Apple’s reveal of iPhone OS 4.0 and what it will bring to the table. We talk about the games we purchased at launch including Mirror’s Edge, Geometry Wars: Touch, Warpgate HD, Pocket Legends and Flight Control HD. Personally I feel that the iPad is a game changer and am eager to see what comes out in next the few months.

That said, how do you our listeners want us to cover the iPad? Should we have one episode containing both iPhone/iPad talk, separate shows that come out in the same podcast feed, or should we create a whole new feed for iPad shows? Let us know!

We’ll return to our regular format next week!


  1. Where are your forums? The forums link on Nukoda goes nowhere.

    I vote two shows. I don’t want an iPad, don’t have one and I don’t want to listen to a show about iPad. That’s all I ever hear about anymore. :( Will you guys stop putting out THIS show now that you have iPads, like you did with PSP podcast?

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Sadly the forums are long gone. They were being hit by hundreds of spam messages a day, and like 3 real posts. Chatting in comments is the best way to talk anyways ;)

    The ToG is not going away, if we were to create a second show just for iPad we would still be talking about the iPhone in gaming. No worries there.

    We are still up in the air on what to do. 50% of people ask for a second show in a new feed, the other 50% want us to just start covering both platforms in one big show. Looks like Anthony and I have some big work ahead of ourselves to get this sorted out for the fans listening in.

    And about the PSP Podcast, I would keep my ears to the ground on that one ;)

    Lloyd Hannesson

  3. Richard Clyne

    What was the video streaming software you mentioned on the show?

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