It’s an exciting episode of the ToG this week, with reviews of games and non games alike. To kick the episode off I review my brand spanking new Marware EcoVue iPad case and a GREAT iPhone video editing app, Video Edit. We are running a contest to give away a copy of the great Vide Edit. Shoot us an email to answering the following question “What video do you want to edit/create on YOUR iPhone?”. I’ll select an email at random on Friday the 13th/2010 from all submissions and give one of you a FREE US App Store copy of Video Edit!

If that wasn’t enough, we also give you four great reviews Fastar!, Osmos, Flipboard and Super 7.

It was a great episode, please enter the contest for Video Edit, and be sure to chime in on how you want us to cover sales in the future.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Tried emailing this to you but email through the site was not working.

    My suggestion on mentioning “sales” on the podcast…you probably do not need to bother. But there is a website that could help:

    It is a fairly robust site but, on the “sales” front, you can use it to track any app you “want” and it will email you (if you so desire) anytime one of your tracked apps has a price drop. Very cool and very handy.



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