This week on the ToG we have a special guest host, Trevor Whatman (@teedub78 on the Twitter) joins us to talk about the iPhone games that he is currently playing. In this episode we talk about a pile of games that we are playing, and review NBA Jam, Dungeon Raid and Game Dev Story. It was a fun episode to record, hope you guys enjoy. Be sure to send Trevor your love.


  1. Send Trevor your love

    • Paulo Tavares

      I have to say, I’m surprised to find you – again. I recently got an iPod touch, and was looking for iPhone gaming podcasts when I bumped into yours. Your name sounded awfully familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

      I dug into it a bit more, and then I remembered: back in 2006 I listened to your great – albeit irregular – PSP podcast, and I still remember one where Cara talked about Syphon Filter, a game I ended up buying because of your recommendation – and now that I searched for it, one which I commented about in your PSP Podcast 49 post – :)

      I’ll give this podcast a shot as well. I hope everything’s well with both of you and your 4-year-old!

  2. Hey Paulo,

    Welcome back! Always good to talk to an old school listener again :) Yeah the PSP podcast sort of died off when i had my kids. Things have settled down so we have a full slate of shows here at VGPodcasts including the spiritual successor to the PSP Podcast, the XMBCast.

    Cara and the kids are doing great, thanks for asking :) I have 2 actually. A 4 and 3 year old, things are a bit crazy at times :)

    Let us know how you enjoy the show, or what we can do to help you enjoy it better!

    • Paulo Tavares

      Hi Lloyd,

      Thanks for the reply. Indeed I listened to the show, it was quite pleasant. I’ll be following it for a while, and if something actionable comes up that could improve your show, I’ll definitely let you know. For now I’ll just be on the passive side and get a feel of how the show usually goes :)

      Regards to all of you!

  3. Would you please add the name of the games mentioned/ featured in the podcast either in the iTunes “info” section, here, or in the forum? I often listen to this in the car and can’t write down all the great games I want to try!

  4. Ack, you know I’ve been slacking. I’ll work on getting the games list up for each new post. I’ll try to go back a few episodes as well and get that in there too!

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