To start off your week we have a Special Edition of the Touch of Gaming Podcast for you. Joining us today we have Ben and Laurent from Rodeo Games, creators of the awesome turn based strategy games Hunters and Hunters 2. Thanks go out to Ben and Laurent for joining us, stay tuned for our review of the game in the next episode!

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  1. Ben,
    Really enjoyed this podcast. I especially liked the part about people inventing little worlds for themselves within your game, because your game definitely provokes my imagination. Ever since you alerted me to the hardcore mode, I’ve done tons of that. At first, I thought I would never do it, because losing a hunter is very painful. However, I’ve learned it ups the investment and the enjoyment. I do a bit of a cheat though in that if a hunter dies, I force close the game. Though technically an exploit, I’ve decided it is some combination of transporter / jump back in time 10 seconds device that makes this possible. Regardless, one loses loot, exp, and I’ve lost a few hunters along the way, so hardcore is still a challenge.
    Congrats on an awesome game!

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