Welcome to the first ToG:Mini episode! These will be small podcast episodes that will help round out the coverage in the main Touch of Gaming podcast, only smaller. In this inaugural episode I give you my review of Dungeon Hunter!


  1. Actually there are 5 games compatible with Gameloft Live! : UNO, Dungeon Hunter, Blades of Fury, Real Soccer 2010 and Brain Challenge 2 ;) And more are coming so stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Sara! I could only find info on UNO, thought it was a little strange that it was the only other game.. I should have dug a little deeper! You know what assuming does :)

  3. Silversurfer81

    I loved my DS and love(d) the DSLife Podcast. Then I got the iPhone and fell in love with the AppStore and all those awesome and cheap games. So it was great to see my favorite podcaster coming back with the TOG Podcast. Haven´t touched my DS since and think about selling it. Anyways. Great podcast, I also really enjoy following you on twitter. The TOG Minis are also awesome. Keep them coming.

    Best regards from Germany.


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