Welcome to the Touch of Gaming Podcast… Preview! We are here to bring a quick and informative show to all or you iPhone or iPod Touch users. In this Genesis episode we are testing out some technology that would allow us to get 3 panelists together to talk about the iPhone. While we had some issues with Rob’s connection leading to some issues with his voice, I still thought that there was a great conversation. Hoping that future episodes will be a little cleaner.

Keep checking back here for the next few episodes to be posted relatively quickly, once these have been posted we’ll get back to our one a week or so posting schedule.


  1. Chopper looks like a Choplifter Clone, Choplifter dates way before the Gameboy.

  2. Very true, doesn’t mean that Bret played Choplifter though :) I have fond memories of playing that game waaay back on the XT and 8086 machines in glorious CGA :)

  3. Actually Vanamonde was correct, kinda. I finally found the game that I was referring to, Choplifter II for the original gameboy. Man I loved that game. Thanks for the tip Vanamonde!

    – Bret

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