Welcome to the Touch of Gaming Podcast Episode #1! In this episode Bret joins me to talk about the new iPhone firmware, Microsoft forcing devs to make their apps available for free, some new demos, and we give our reviews of Galcon and Pyramid Solitaire Lite.

Keep checking back here for the next few episodes to be posted relatively quickly, once these have been posted we’ll get back to our one a week or so posting schedule.



  • Firmware 2.0.2 released for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Steve Jobs promises that the bug causing all AppStore apps to crash on some phones will be fixed in September.
  • Microsoft Forces all XboxLive apps to be Free
  • ToyBot Diaries will be releasing a demo soon!
  • Firemint showing off their REAL racing title
  • Number Two free app on AppStore, BrainTuner, gets downloaded 60,000 times a day.

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