Touch of Gaming Episode #2 is finally here. Rob joins me in this episode where we talk about Labyrinth, LEGO Batman, Radius and the potential for iPhone snap on gaming controls. We also give our impressions on Critter Crunch, Tris and LED Football. I even left in a bit of a screwup at the end so you all can hear how a live show can sometimes backfire on you ;)

And with this episode, the back fill of previously recorded episodes comes to an end! Our regular weekly-ish release schedule will continue on from here. I hop you all enjoyed the flood of new content, and that you’ve subscribed to the podcast. Send us your questions and we’ll try to answer them in future episodes.



  • Labyrinth Updated to include sound
  • LEGO Batman coming to the iPhone
  • Radius, now $.99 US
  • iPhone Gaming Controllers in the works

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