Turtle Recall #024 – The Old Swicheroo

Finally, Anna’s justifications of Splinter being creepy are justified as we take a look at the episode where Splinter and Shredder change minds. And what’s this we hear? Does Jason ACTUALLY like a Funko Pop design? Weekly news items, new TMNT Movie Funko Pops, IDWGames […]

Turtle Recall #023 – Sky Turtles

We open up today’s episode with Jason and Anna’s 6th Anniversary, as they retell the story on how they met. After that, they break down the episodes “SkyTurtles” as they are STILL trying to figure out, where the blimp goes when it detaches from the […]

Turtle Recall #022 – The Maltese Hamster

Jason’s goal was to have a NECA free discussion podcast, but Anna breaks in the first minute of today’s episode. As Jason and Anna breakdown the classic gangster inspired TMNT episode, both are so much more concerned about the character Chester, the antique shop’s bicycle […]

Turtle Recall #020 – Turtles on Trial

We open today’s episode with Jason explaining on how he was able to get the Mutagen Tour figures from Target’s website, and his suggestions on what NECA should do in the future to make it easier for collectors and casual buyers to get it in […]

Turtle Recall #012 – Enter: The Fly

We talk about some upcoming new items coming that includes an ALL-NEW pinball machine that Jason is completed excited for (and hoping he’ll get for Father’s Day). During the episode discussion, we see that Anna has completely skipped about Baxter’s transformation in her summary, and […]