This week we breakdown the episode “Turtles, Turtles Everywhere”. Before we take a look at the episode, Jason and Anna are joined by one of the TMNT Co-Creators Kevin Eastman as he explains how the comics came to the cartoon series and how involved he and Peter were during the show’s run. In the episode itself, we talk about how beautifully drawn the species of turtles are and the weird space-age computer that is used to collect garbage, and the MANY fourth wall breaking moments. Also, we go into TV Teddy and Phone Booths – 2 now well-forgotten relics!

This week’s news items: New Funko Soda Vinyl figure, The Last Ronin issue 2 delay, and new TMNT Monster Truck toys from Hot Wheels

Kevin Eastman Interview starts: 8:50
News section starts: 23.01
Episode breakdown starts: 32:08

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