This week we breakdown the episode “Cowabunga Shredhead”. A lot of you guys came in gave us your opinions and it was fantastic!! This episode is Jason’s personal favorite and he and Anna cover James Avery’s performance, the excellent animation that was done to convey Shredder acting like Michealangelo, and the incredible writing that went into this episode. They also give the origins of how this podcast started and go over the title cards again for anyone that needed a refresher on what they think about Mikey holding 2 swords. So much that needs to be discussed about this fan-favorite episode!

This week’s news items: Kirby Morrow’s (the voice of Mikey in Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation) passing, Last Ronin second printing release date, new NECA tease, and another TMNT Wizard World panel.

News section starts: 15:19
Episode breakdown starts: 32:08

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